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cnr Swaine Ave & Prescott Tce, Toorak Gardens SA 5065

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Ageless Yoga can take years off your face and add years to your life!

You can't change the date of your birth, but you can change your physiological age. Ageless Yoga helps to rejuvenate your body by reshaping it, restoring lost flexibility and muscle tone, adjusting your weight and improving your circulation, digestion and metabolism.

According to yoga philosophy, it's the flexibility of your spine, not the number of years, that determines your age. Ageless Yoga slows the aging process by giving elasticity to your spine, firming up your skin, removing tension from your body, strengthening your abdominal muscles and improving your posture.

By learning and regularly practicing the techniques taught in the classes you can prolong the healthy and creative part of your life and in many cases alleviate aging processes that have already set in.

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